PSU Writing Center

What It Is 

The PSU writing center is one of the most important resources that’s available to you at the university.   Expectations for writing are much different in college than in high school. In fact, many professors believe that being able to write clearly in a format appropriate for your audience is one of the most important skills you come out of college with, no matter what your major is. If you have questions about whether you should take additional writing courses to build your skills, or if you want to learn more about the range of writing support courses available at PSU, visit the writing center website.

The writing center can help you with all writing assignments. Any time you want guidance or input on a writing assignment or project, the writing center is a great place to go. Writing tutors from the PSU writing center can assist you with the style, grammar, and organization of your writing assignments.

How to Use It 

  •    Check out the writing center’s online resources. 
  •    Make an appointment early.
  •    Be on time for your appointment.
  •    Bring two copies of your paper and a copy of the class assignment with you to your appointment.

The easiest way to make an appointment is to click here. First, set up an account and then follow the prompts to schedule an appointment. You can also contact the writing center at (503) 725-3580 to schedule an appointment.

Where It Is

The writing center is located in Cramer Hall on the PSU campus. The address is 1721 SW Broadway, Portland, 97201. 

Strategies for Success

Check Out the Writing Center’s Online Resources 

The PSU writing center has a range of online resources, from materials targeted to specific groups of students to support materials for specific forms of writing. Take the time to visit theresource page where you’ll find materials to help with you with each step of the writing process—getting started, revisions, writing conventions, and research papers. Another excellent resource is the writing center blog where you’ll find archived materials on writing hints and how to deal with challenging assignments. It is a good idea to review what's available online before taking the time to make an appointment with a writing tutor. 

Make an Appointment Early 

Make an appointment with the writing center as soon as you know the due date of your first big paper. This means that you‘ll want to make your appointment by week two of the term, if not before. You’ll find that this type of planning ahead will help you in all your classes, not just when one of your papers is due. You can make an online appointment at the writing center or walk in. Know that at the beginning of the quarter it may be easy to get a walk-in appointment, but as the quarter progresses and demand for help from other students increases, there will be less chance of getting in on a walk-in basis. For this reason, you’ll need to plan ahead a little bit more when using the writing center than when using other types of campus resources. If you’re a FRINQ student, a good tip is to sign up for Writing 199, a one credit course that guarantees you one hour a week of one-on-one time with a writing tutor. Talk to your FRINQ mentor to learn more about Writing 199. Finally, if you’ve tried unsuccessfully to make an online appointment with the writing center, talk to your FRINQ professor. She may be able to help. 

When you get to the center, check in with the person at the front desk, and let them know you’re there for an appointment. They’ll give you some forms to fill out. Once you’ve filled them out use the rest of the time you have before your tutor meets with you to check out the resources that are available at the center. 

Be on Time for Your Appointment 

If you’re more than five minutes late, your time will be given to another student. You also want to make a  good impression with the tutors at the writing center. Chances are you'll be back for more help at some point. Building a good relationship with your tutor and other staff can help make the process of going to the writing center something you look forward to. Another reason to make sure you get to your appointment on time is that it will take some time to fill out your paperwork. So be on time! 

Bring Two Copies of Your Paper and a Copy of the Assignment with You to Your Appointment 

Make sure you bring two copies of a written draft of your paper when you show up for your appointment. If the paper is for a class assignment, bring a copy of the assignment guidelines. Your tutor will best be able to help you if you each have a draft of your paper to work from. Put as much time as you can into thinking about your paper before your appointment. Also, be clear about some specific questions that you would like to have answered before you show up for your appointment. Again, put as much thought into these questions as you can. The more you think about what you want to get out of your appointment with your tutor, the more you’ll get out of your appointment. This preparation will give you and your tutor more to work with and, in the end, you’ll also earn a better grade on your paper. The writing center website includes information on how to make the most of your appointment.

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